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BMS Integration

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If you are responsible for a Building Management Systems (BMS) which has been superseded by a newer version, it is likely that it is not working efficiently which means that your building’s energy consumption is probably higher than usual.

In this case, Potters will perform a full specification upgrade which will include replacing the sensors, upgrade control panels and related hardware.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

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Every building is different and therefore we offer tailor-made Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) solutions based on the needs of your business and building occupants.​

Potters expert engineers reduce your energy consumption by controlling the BMS by time, staff presence or conditions. Only systems that are measured can be improved, therefore, the more that is measured, the greater the savings are that can be achieved.

Energy Auditing and Monitoring

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Here at Potters we offer a wide range of energy auditing and monitoring solutions.​

Restoring an underperforming BMS to full functionality typically reduces energy consumption by at least 10%. Your plant, and the equipment controlled by the BMS, will also last longer and perform better, with fewer breakdowns.

Your resource efficiency will improve since your maintenance engineers can focus on optimising your system instead of ‘firefighting’ building environment issues.

Project Management and Estimator

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Potters have a proven track record in delivering project both big and small on time and on budget, our ability to understand both mechanical and electrical engineering allows us to develop value added solutions.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that are pre engineered and fact tested to ensure that when we reach the commissioning stage of the project, we can hit the ground running.

HVAC Engineering and Consulting

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Potters offer complete end-to-end engineering and consulting services.​

We have positioned ourselves in the market with a combination of skill sets that make us quite unique. Our ability to understand mechanical plant design and control systems enables us to make informed and value-added solutions for our customers.​

BIM modelling of new and existing HVAC commercial and industrial plant in REVIT, Soldworks & AUTOCAD MEP

Hardware and Software Development

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No mater how complex or unique your project is we have a solution for you. We develop custom hardware and software solutions tailored to your needs, our software and hardware department have over a decade of experience developing boutique solutions for the industrial and commercial sectors.